A Simple Process For
Superior Plastic Bottles.

At Artisan Packaging, we believe in a simple and straightforward approach to designing, molding, and decorating plastic bottles. We work closely with our clients and follow a three-step process to guide them through each phase of the project.

  • Collaborate

    During this first phase of the process, we get to know you, and you get to know us. Working with your engineers, designers, and brand managers, we learn more about your products, branding, and market. Our experienced team then takes that information and works with you to craft a custom solution tailored to your unique needs.

  • Sample

    Our professional team takes your chosen design and brings it to life. We’ll mold and decorate small quantities of your bottle to evaluate internally and send to you for your feedback. If necessary, we can revise the design and make additional samples. This process ensures that you are happy with the bottle before we enter full-scale production.

  • Fabricate

    We enter full-scale production, processing both big and small orders. During this time, our experienced quality team monitors the bottles to verify that they meet your specifications. With an agile team and expansive facility, we transition between orders and make adjustments quickly to ensure your plastic packaging works for your product and customer.

  • Distribute

    Our convenient location in the mid-Atlantic region, right off Interstate 81, makes us centrally located to ship plastic bottles all over the world. Upon completion of fabrication, we package and ship your order to your specifications. For those not yet ready for their bottles, warehousing is available. We can handle the logistics so you can focus on the product that your bottles will feature.