PET Bottles
For Versatile Packaging.

PET bottles give product engineers and designers endless possibilities for packaging their products. Durable and lightweight, polyethylene terephthalate (PET) can be molded into different shapes through a single stage process with stretch blow molding. Its many advantages make PET a go-to resin for recyclable packaging.


PET is flexible and shatter-resistant, meaning it is unlikely to break during shipping or after dropping.


Plastic PET bottles are lightweight, making them cost-effective to ship and ideal for beverage, food and personal care packaging.


Rapid cooling during fabrication makes PET bottles clear. A transparent bottle showcases products best.


PET is easily recyclable and made using less energy compared with glass bottles. Look for the number 1 on the bottom for recycling.


PET plastic bottles are chemically resistant and will not react with most products inside the bottle.