Attractive & Affordable
Household Product Packaging.

Artisan partners with major global brands to design and fabricate specialized household product packaging. Our expertise in all three major molding platforms and with multiple resins gives your company a competitive edge when it comes to packaging and marketing your cleaning products. Clients choose Artisan because we are:

Economical & Efficient

We understand the importance of cost in marketing and selling commodity items. Our fabrication and decoration happen in one facility to save you money and shorten lead times.

Fast & Flexible

Our people, process, and equipment ensure orders are processed quickly, and deliveries are made on time and in full. Forty-four production lines, thirty-three decorators and 500 + stock molds give your designers and engineers flexibility when choosing your product packaging.

Durable & Dependable

We fabricate bottles in a variety of resins to get you the right plastic bottle for your product. Our expertise lies in knowing the most durable and long-lasting option to protect your product on the shelf and in the home.