Plastic Bottle Decoration
To Elevate Your Brand.

Creative bottle decoration helps your brand stand out on the shelf and in the home. At Artisan Packaging, we work with you designers and engineers to develop striking designs that showcase your products. With bottle molding and decoration available in one facility, you can count on competitive pricing for your next project. We offer the following types of decoration:

Pressure-Sensitive Labels

We partner with clients to order labels from their provider of choice that we adhere to their plastic bottles. Pressure-sensitive labels allow you to include important information that can fan out to provide necessary details for the end-user. They conform to different bottle shapes and hold up well with tight packing. Common examples include lotion bottles, cosmetics, and food containers.

Full Wrap Labels

Artisan Packaging can apply wrap-around labels with adhesives to simplify product distribution and distinguish your product on the shelf. This affordable solution gives you options when marketing your product.

Screen Printing

Silk screen printing works well with brands using color and dimension to highlight their product. Use up to six colors and add gradients to expand your color range. Combine with hot stamping to create a metallic text that stands out on market shelves. Common examples include mediceutical, cosmetics, and hair care products.

Hot Stamping

In hot stamping, metal foil is applied to your bottle. We commonly use this method when we’re adding a high visibility feature to plastic bottles, such as your company’s logo. Combine hot stamping with screen printing for a high-end bottle decoration ideal for cosmetics and hair care products.

Shrink Sleeving

We coordinate with your chosen printer to order shrink sleeves and apply them to your bottles. High heat ensures your labeling stays in place even when the bottles are packed tightly for shipping. Shrink sleeving is moisture-resistant and wraps around the entire bottle.